NutraHumus™ – 500ml


NutraHumus™  organic plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner.

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NutraHumus™ is a liquid organic plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner based on active humic acid (potassium humate). NutraHumus™ is a bioactive growth stimulant, especially for sandy and heavy clay soils. NutraHumus™ is a permanent humic substance which cannot be easily decomposed by soil microorganisms. NutraHumus™ is miscible with other operating fluids, prepare test mixture before use. NutraHumus™ has a stimulating effect on plant growth in the soil and especially on stronger root development. This improves the absorption of nutrients. An increased root biomass remains in the soil, which contributes to the development of further permanent humus. For plant strengthening, the living conditions for useful soil microorganisms are improved.

1. Immediately improves plant nutrient absorption and fertilizer efficiency of soils
2. Increases the stress tolerance of plants against drought, salt, cold and heat
3. Stimulates vigorous root growth and yield formation
4. Increases the buffering and cation exchange capacity of soils
5. Acts as a natural chelator for micronutrients in soils and increases their availability to plants
6. Stimulates the formation of fertile, microbially active soils
7. Improves the soil structure and increases its water holding capacity
8. Increases the germination of seeds and enhances development of free radicles

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