SUPER PACK – NutraSeries™ plus NutraCM+™ and NutraBooster™ – 5 X 1 liter


The Super Pack contains NutraMicro™, NutraGrow™, NutraBloom™, NutraCM+™ and NutraBooster™. 5 X 1 liter bottles.


Nutra Hydroponics™ Nutra series™ is formulated to be equivalent to General Hydroponics™ Flora Series™ nutrients. These nutrients are used all over the world and are specially formulated for cannabis and its related family of plants. It also works well on all kinds of flowers and vegetables, such as chili peppers. Can be used with all growing mediums, such as soil, peat, coco coir and more in addition to hydroponics!

NutraMicro™ provides plants with nitrogen, potassium and calcium as well as a combination of micro nutrients and trace elements necessary for rapid growth. NPK: 5-0-1NutraGrow™ provides nutrients for foliar and structural growth. Combined with NutraMicro it provides plants with a specialized nutrient balance necessary for rapidly growing foliar and structural growth during their vegetative stage. NPK: 2-1-6

NutraBloom™ provides the necessary minerals for the reproductive growth stage, flowering, fruiting and seed production. NPK: 0-5-4

NutraCM+™ is formulated to work the same as the famous CalMag+ giving your plants essential calcium, magnesium, nitrogen and iron when most needed. Can add to nutrient solution, soil, coco medium or apply as a foliar spray. Can be used with all growing mediums,such as soil, coco coir, peat, and more in addition to hydroponics!

♦ NutraCM+™ is a highly fortified calcium, magnesium, and iron plant supplement formulated to correct common deficiencies.

♦ Supplement your existing nutrient program with Cal-Mag Plus

♦ For use in containers, coco, hydroponics and when growing in soil.
Nutra Hydroponics NutraBooster is formulated to work the same as the famous Flower Fuel resulting in more prolific flower, fruit and pod production. Achieve more dense buds with more rosin production.
Can be used with all growing mediums, such as soil, peat, coco and more in addition to hydroponics!

♦ NutraBooster™ is a super-premium bloom booster. Consists of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, and organics.

♦ NutraBooster™ is formulated to achieve larger, denser and heavier harvests with more essential oil and resin content. That means better looking, more valuable crops for you.

♦ Use NutraMicro™ with NutraGrow™ and NutroBloom™ to provide a complete nutrient solution for your plants.

♦ Use in precise ratios for new cuttings and seedlings, vegetative growth, aggressive vegetative growth and flowering and fruiting.

♦ Nutrients are water soluble to be available for plants nutrient needs.

♦ Use for hydroponic applications for all types of plants and as a supplement for plants in soil and other mediums.

♦ For best results mix in conjunction with an EC meter and a pH meter to maintain proper nutrient concentrations for your plants. Different plants have different EC requirements. Keep the pH between 5.5 and 6.5 for best nutrient uptake. Check water often as EC and pH values can change as plants uptake water.

♦ For best results change your nutrient solution every 1 to 2 weeks to maintain proper nutrient balance.

♦ Refer to our feeding chart before mixing. Mix according to the phase of growth your plants are in. Please measure carefully and reduce nutrient strength if plants show any signs of stress. If growing under bright lights or in hot or dry environments it may be necessary to reduce nutrient strength as plants will uptake more water.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 19 cm


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