NutraPro™ Dry set GROW, CA+MICROS and BLOOM 25 gallon set – FOR PRO GROWERS


NutraPro™ 5 gallon set for PRO GROWERS!
Compare to General Hydroponics® FloraPro™


NutraPro™ 25 gallon set for PRO GROWERS!
Compare to General Hydroponics® FloraPro™

Each bucket makes 25 gallons (94.64 liters) of nutrients.

NUTRAPro™ Grow, 10-12-22 will provide your plants with optimal concentrations and ratios of nutrients to help optimize vegetative growth.

NUTRAPro™ Bloom, 7-12-27 will provide your plants with excellent concentrations and ratios of elements to help optimizeflower development.

NUTRAPro™ Calcium + Micros, 14-0-0 plus 17% Ca fertilizer will provide your plants with excellent concentrations of Calcium and micronutrients for your plants.

How to mix the NutraPro™ dry set.
Start with 15 gallons, mix everything in, when everything is dissolved, top up to 25 gallons.
In the CA+Microsthere is 1 green bag and 1 black/yellow bag, those are best dissolved in a small bucket of water first.  The black/yellow powder can clump easily, so pour it in slowly while stirring.  Shaking is not an option, it’ll foam up.
If you have a power drill with a paint mixer that works well to mix these.

Store in your tanks or a 25 gallon container and use in your professional nutrient injection system or hand feed at your leisure according to the selected feeding schedule.

Please note: You should only buy Pro nutrients if you are going to use all the nutrients within two months. If you will use them slower than this please buy the consumer NutraSeries 3 part nutrients.

NPK: 14-0-0
N-NO3: 13.4%
N-NH4: 0.7%
Ca other: 17.3%
Ca edta: 0.47%
Mg edta: 0.17%
Fe edta: 0.072%
Fe dtpa: 0.14%
Fe eddha: 0.12%
Mn edta: 0.09%
Cu edta: 0.076%
Zn edta: 0.068%
B edta: 0.068%
Mo: 0.0066%
Mo edta: 0.0004%
Ni: 0.004%

NPK: 10-12-22
N-NO3: 6.9%
N-NH4: 3.1%
P2O5: 12%
K2O: 22%
S: 4.5%
Mg: 3%

NPK: 7-11-27
N-NO3: 6.06%
N-NH4: 0.94%
P2O5: 11.96%
K2O: 26.96%
Mg: 4.1%
S: 5.5%

Additional information

Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 40 × 24 × 18 cm


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